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Entre identité et fonctionnalité: le cas de la langue aragonaise à l’école.

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Título: “Entre identité et fonctionnalité: le cas de la langue aragonaise à l’école”

En: M. Saïd, Ch. Dahou, A. Kis-Marck y F. Roche, Construction/déconstruction des identités linguistiques

Resumen: In 2017 it will be two decades since Aragonese was established as an optional subject in a number of «pilot» schools in the province of Huesca. As the years have passed and insofar as legislation has made it possible, the schemes to develop this endangered language in the area of education have, according to quantitative data, seen a modest development. Furthermore, there are few scientific data on the results Aragonese has had in education, on its situation and on its future prospects. In order to provide a closer look at this situation, we conducted multiple-case research using a qualitative methodology. The cornerstone of this research was as follows: a study of the linguistic attitudes of the education community comprising 26 schools in which Aragonese is taught. As regards families, the data indicate that majority attitudes display a positive trend with respect to a positive appraisal of Aragonese; but there are a number of attitudes opposing its use as a tool of education, and, in line with the instrumental ideology of language teaching, they prefer the major foreign languages to be used for this purpose.

Keywords: Aragonese, linguistic attitudes, little-used language, language death.

Año de publicación: 2017

Lugar y editorial: Saint-Denis: Connaissances et Savoirs

Páginas: 331-347